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How Trump Tweets Helps Him Increase Engagement

How Trump Tweets Helps Him Increase Engagement

Becker, A. B. (2020). Trump trumps Baldwin? How Trump’s tweets transform SNL into Trump’s strategic advantage. Journal of political marketing, 19(4), 386-404.

According to Becker, politicians can trigger followers to engage when they respond to critical humor. The author states that Trump's hostile reactions towards Alec Baldwins appearances on the Saturday Night Live (SNL) inoculated his followers against his critics. Trump responded to the SNL critical humor via tweets and this caused his followers to be against Baldwins satire. The author states that Trumps engagement with the show during 2016 fall encouraged his followers and viewers of the show to connect the anti0Trump humor with Hillary Clinton. As a result, favorability ratings for Clinton, the Democratic opposition declined significantly. The study reveals Trump’s ability to engage his audience through his tweets.

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