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How Trump's Tweeting Behavior Has Evolved Over the Years

How Trump's Tweeting Behavior Has Evolved Over the Years

Zoladz, L. (2016, August 10). The truth about Trump Twitter: Examining the strange afterlife of Donald Trump's old tweets. Retrieved from

This article analyzes some of Trump’s old tweets and how his tweeting behavior has evolved over the years. According to Zoladz, Trump’s tweets were mainly flaccid. Nearly all of his tweets between 2009 and 2011 were promotional and appeared to be authored by a third party, perhaps his assistant. Interestingly, none of his tweets at this point in time discussed politics. However, as of January 2011, Trump’s tweets began forging a different path. In particular, Donald Trump began attacking those whom he did not like using sarcastic posts and comments. The more people were amazed by his boldness and frankness, the more he became bold to insult others and create numerous controversies. In fact, he invented catchy phrases and repetitive terms which he likes to incorporate in most of his tweets. Zoladz notes that a person can learn many things about Donald Trump by just analyzing his thought patterns as revealed in his Twitter posts.

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