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How Trump’s Twitter Use Affects Forex?

How Trump’s Twitter Use Affects Forex?

FXCM Insights. (2018). How Does President Trump’s Twitter Use Impact Forex, Markets And Stocks? Retrieved from

This article explores the impact that President Trump’s Twitter use has on the forex, markets, and stocks. Politicians have decided to use Twitter because it is an invaluable communication tool that they use when reaching out to their constituents. Furthermore, the article states that, “With such an extensive reach, Twitter has become an invaluable communications tool for politicians looking to directly address their constituents on matters of policy and culture.” It is an implication that with the increasing number of users on Twitter, its growth is inevitable and thus the benefits continue to be counted in the society. Besides this, it is also mentioned that President Donald Trump has been addressing a wide variety of topics using Twitter thus his advocates supporting him while opponents criticize his moves. Social media has its own value to a candidate occupying office as it makes him popular. President Trump has maintained an ethical Twitter use thus driving the forex, markets, and stocks to a positive and improved performance in the economy. “Traders and investors alike have become increasingly cognizant of the immediate influence a presidential tweet is capable of delivering to the market.”

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