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Ideas on How to Write A Good Twitter Bio

Social media has become a powerful tool in the modern world with sobillions of people joining the online world across the world. As time changes, more people are opting for online shopping. So, your online reputation matters a lot, and how the online audience perceives you depends not only on the on the online reviews but also on how you present yourself online. You ought to give your audience a first good impression of yourself by creating an attractive bio. Your bio is the first thing those who visit your profile will see. Your brand should show some personality and it starts with the bio. This task could be daunting especially with the Twitter bio character limit of 160-characters. In those 160-characters you will need to introduce yourself, use an elevatorstatement, and set the mood for your brand, and to do that you need to be very careful with the tone and word choice. Below is a guide on how you can create an amazing bio.

Don’t Be Too Formal.

We start with what you are not supposed to do. Do not be too formal onyour description. Although Twitter is considered a place where businesses make formal announcements, the bio and communication should not come out as too formal. Social media is a fun place and most people will avoid your brand if they find you too formal. If your aim is to grow followers, then you will need to sound human and real. This is where we said you need to give your brand some personality. The reason a user will follow you for continued entertainment or informing through content. Your personality starts with the bio, it sets the pace for your content. By just looking at your bio, a user is able to perceive your personality and what to expect from your posts.

Introduce Yourself or Your Business.

The first words you use should be an introduction to your target audience. Here, you tell them what you do, and what products or services youoffer. On the introduction part, people should know who you are and what they should expect from you.

Embrace the Space.

Since you have only 160 characters for your bio, you should ensure that the elevator pitch is beyond impressive. Review your bio multiple times until you get the perfect one for your audience. As you prepare the bio, you should know that more characters are associated with higher follower count. The more characters you have on your bio, the more followers you are likely to get.

Use Keywords.

You need to use keywords with industry targeted keywords to be easily identified by users. So, you first need to determine what your target audience are looking for and then ensure that you add that information in your bio. You should also know that Twitter Bios are indexed by Google and Bing, so ensure that your bio is highly SEO optimized (Sehl, 2019). You can achieve that by adding relevant keywords.

Share Your Accomplishments.

Your bio should briefly share your accomplishments or expertise. Here, you are kind of doing self-promotion but in a smart and brief manner. According to Buffer article, if you are a parent share that with the world because it’s an amazing accomplishment (Patel, 2014). Let them know you are a Dad or Mom. If you are a business person, include entrepreneur there. If you donate to any organization, let them know that by including the word philanthropist, see the example below.

Include A Call to Action.

You can make users follow you or not by how you describe yourself. As a brand you should be able to use a call to action for people to follow you or to visit your website. The call to action works best if you can prove to the audience that they will get whatever they are looking for from you.

If you want your audience to sign up, make that clear in the bio.

Do the same if you want them to follow you.


Use Emoji or Emoticon on Your Bio.

A single emoji or emoticon can convey a lot of information without text accompaniment. With the limited character’s you need all the help you can get in minimizing the words you use to describe yourself. If you are a traveler andyou use an aero plane image, you will be sharing a lot with less text, and ifyou are a boxer and instead of long text you use boxing gloves image, then you will be saving on the limited characters.



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