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Insights From Donald Trump's Tweeting Activities

Insights From Donald Trump's Tweeting Activities

Gray, L. A. (May 31, 2018). What has Trump tweeted today? The latest Twitter posts from the US President and what they really mean? Retrieved from

This article explores the tweets from President Donald Trump in real time citing that, “Donald Trump's Twitter account provides an extraordinary unfiltered insight into what the President is doing and thinking in real time.” His tweets are posted almost every day, but it is not only limited to Twitter, but also on other social media sites as well. He shares opinions that are both official and personal, “often very early in the morning or late at night.” The article also analyzes President Trump’s tweets because they are shared to the world and a look at one of the tweets is that, his administration made an announcement on ending the tax reprieve on steel imports from the EU. Basically, the global trade will be hurt because of his war the mentioned goods, but we cannot forget that the EU took President Trump to court on that issue. Consequently, the EU will impose a countermeasure on American goods.

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