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Instances In 2013 Where Trump Sounded a Blunt Warning to President Obama

Instances In 2013 Where Trump Sounded a Blunt Warning to President Obama

Fandos, N. (2017, April 7). Trump's View of Syria: How it evolved, in 19 Tweets. Retrieved from

This article describes how Donald Trump’s perception of Syria developed during Obama’s presidency by focusing on 19 tweets which he mentions the Middle Eastern country. Reporting for the New York Times, Fandos examines how Trump’s tweets about the US involvement with Syria evolved with time. According to the author, Donald Trump has on many instances in 2013 sounded a blunt warning to President Obama advising him not to attack Syria. Fandos notes that President Trump heavily criticized his predecessor concerning his planned attack on Syria. Trump felt that such an initiative could be a waste of time and resources. It would appear that President Obama heeded the message since he never carried out his threats. However, four years later when Trump became the president, he was quick to launch military action against the Islamic state. Fandos notes that even though Trump advised against attacking Syria, he also supported the idea of a surprise attack as a last resort. In fact, when President Trump ordered a missile strike against Syrian targets, it was indeed a surprise attack on President Assad. This article shows that a person can learn a lot of about the president’s thought-process just by analyzing carefully his Twitter feed.

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