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Is GETTR an Alternative for the Big Tech?

Is GETTR an Alternative for the Big Tech?

Mcgraw,, M., Nguyen, T., & Lima, C. (2021, July 1). Team Trump quietly launches new social media platform. POLITICO.

According to this article, a team of Trump supporters has launched a new social media, GETTR which is believed to be an alternative for the Big Tech sites. The authors say that questions were raised after the launch as people asked whether the new social media is the long-awaited promise from Trump to offer an alternative for his followers or it is a MAGA alternative to the big tech sites. The social media advertised its mission saying it will be “fighting cancel culture, promoting common sense, defending free speech, challenging social media monopolies, and creating a true marketplace of ideas” and was set to launch on July 4.  The authors mention that Trump has been looking for alternative ways to reach his supporters since the ban and the first alternative he got, the website blog was shut down after critics ridiculed it. According to the authors, some applications like GETTR have blossomed in the past because they are developed with the idea of cubbing the continued censorship on other social media platforms.  Over this time, Trump have been searching for a perfect platform where he can re-establish his online presence or how they could get an existing platform and rebrand it as Trump’s exclusive platform. When GETTR first went live on Google and Apple app stores, it was downloaded over 100,000 times on each of the stores. GETTR app also promised that it will help users import Twitter followers to its platform and that was evidenced after Sean Parnell, a Republican Senate account acquired 175,000 followers a few days after the app launch on the stores.

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