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Is the Republican Party Broken?

Is the Republican Party Broken?

Reid, T. (2021, May 11). ‘Rationals’ vs. ‘radicals’: Anti-Trump Republicans threaten third party. Reuters.

According to Reuters, over 100 former Republican officials are set to sign a letter on Thursday 13th March declaring that if the Republican Party does not break with Trump, they will support the creation of a third party. Miles Taylor, one of the organizers said that the Republican Party is broken and it was time to resist rationals against radicals. Amidst all this, most Republicans are still loyal to Trump. The list of former Republican officials includes ambassadors, congressional members, governors, and Cabinet secretaries. They say that they want the Republican party to return to its principled leadership and reject division and conspiracy theories. The author notes that the former officials who want to form a third party are likely to face an uphill battle in getting any current Republican officeholders to sign-on even Liz Cheney herself despite having come out clearly in opposition of Trump’s election fraud claims. A former chief policy director for the House Republican Conference and an independent presidential candidate in 2016, Evan McMullin, stated that if the Republican party fails to reject lies and  extremism, the other option is to part ways and build something new.

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