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Is There an Archive for Trump's Tweets?

Is There an Archive for Trump's Tweets?

Wilson, M. J. (2016, September 21). Someone Made a Searchable Archive of Donald Trump's Tweets. Retrieved from

This article by Mathew James Wilson is about the Trump twitter archive that is simply a collection of all tweets by Donald trump searchable by keywords. In the article, the author acknowledges that president trump’s tweets have attracted a lot of attraction all over the world and is a hot topic of interest especially among American citizens. The archive contains over 20,000 tweets. For an American president, this is quite a lot of social media activity. The fact that an archive was created is in itself, proof that president trump’s tweets carry a lot of weight and emotion. The author also seems to incline on the negative tweets by Donald trump in his search examples like “crooked Hillary or loser”. This is an indication that the tweets actually have an effect on people on a sentimental level. Using “Obama!” As a keyword example shows that people notice the exclamation point Donald Trump uses in his tweets.  

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