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Is Trump Doing What He Criticized Obama For in His Old Tweets?

Is Trump Doing What He Criticized Obama For in His Old Tweets?

Blake, A. (2017, April 18). Analysis | Trump’s old tweets are becoming a minefield of hypocrisy. Retrieved from

In this article, Blake exposes Trump’s hypocritical behavior by analyzing some of his old tweets in Twitter. Trump is widely recognized as one of the social media kingpins because of his dominating presence on Twitter. However, his stronghold is slowly proving to become one of his biggest threats to his credibility as an unwavering leader. Notably, Trump had a tendency to heavily critique Obama’s administration. In particular, most of his tweets launched scathing attacks on President Obama by constantly pointing out his inadequacies. However, soon after became president and replaced Obama, Donald Trump has been on record for doing the very same things that he condemned about his predecessor. Analyzing some of his old tweets against part of his actions as the president of the US reveals a high degree of hypocrisy. In one of his tweets in 2013, Trump warned president Obama not to attack Syria without first obtaining Congressional approval. Contrary to his word, he attacked Syria in response to its chemical use without Congressional approval.

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