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Is Trump Running a Shadow Presidency?

Is Trump Running a Shadow Presidency?

Cillizza C. (2021 Sept 9). Yet more evidence Donald Trump is running a shadow presidency. CNN Politics.

Cillizza believes that after losing in the last presidential elections, the former president Donald Trump seems to be running the shadow government. The article narrates that the recent actions of the former president indicates that he is still in denial after losing the race to Joe Biden. Donald Trump has been seen making moves that would otherwise be done by the sitting president. For instance, it is reported that he recently had talks to the family members of the victims who lost their lives from suicide bombing; an event that occurred during the last days of the American military activities in Afghanistan. This events occurred when President Joe Biden had visited Dover Air Force Base. His visit sparked a range of reactions where some families were confrontational while other refused to meet the president. Donald Trump was among the people who criticized how the current regime handled the entire process of Afghanistan military withdrawal.  

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