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Is Trump Turning to Traditional Media?

Is Trump Turning to Traditional Media?

Valverde, M. (2021, July 14). PolitiFact - Suspended from social media, Donald Trump turns to traditional media avenues to push falsehoods. @politifact.

This article states that Trump has turned back to traditional media after his ban on social media platforms. The author states that since trump was suspended on Twitter and Facebook, he has a held political conference, hosted rallies, given media interviews, held a press conference and he has given a media interview. Also, Trump has attended a boarder security briefing with Texas governor and has issued written statements. According to the author, Trump has used the traditional media to say things that are unproven or untrue and that these offline platforms have allowed him to go unchecked. Although Trump has been limited from accessing Twitter and Facebook, the author says that he has not been silent. Since his exit from the White House in January 2021, Trump “has headlined political conferences, hosted rallies, held a press conference, given media interviews, made appearances with political allies, and issued written statements (often several a day).” The author also mentions that since Trump left the White House, even cable networks that posted just anything that Trump said have stated to limit their coverage of his statements. A media ethics professor, Aly Colon stated that the cable networks are now paying attention to the news value and this opens up the networks to possible charges of biased coverage or censorship. As a result, the media needs to find ways to explain to the public how they determine newsworthiness and why they are not airing some news. Laura Castañeda, a professor of professional practice stated that if the cable news explains to the people why some events are not aired, it would help mitigate possible charges of bias from thee public. According to experts, by airing everything that Trump says or covering all his events, the cable networks are giving their viewers what they want.  

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