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Is Trump's Communication Channel a Flop?

Is Trump's Communication Channel a Flop?  

Papenfuss, M. (2021, May 23). Donald Trump's much-touted blog pretty much a flop as interest fades: Report. HuffPost.

According to this article, Trumps communication platform has turned out to be a flop according to data. The author states that Trump launched the blog in early May following his ban from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube following his claims of election fraud and riots at the Capitol. The Washington Post reported that Trump’s internet interactions with his new platform largely tanked. The author adds that online chatter about Trump has hit a five year low with the tradition social media. The blog is reported to have received a total 159k interactions on its first day, 30k on second day, and from the third day onwards, interactions haven’t gone past 15k. The blog section is said to have received 4 million visits for a whole week ending on May 18th 2021 and it had been shared less than 2k times on Facebook. According to social media data firm BuzzSumo and Facebook-tracking tool CrowdTangle, that was a huge change from the tens of millions of comments, shares, and reactions that Trump used to receive on Facebook. The author notes that there is no way to respond to Trumps posts either with support ot criticism. During this time, Twitter is said to have suspended an account @DJTDesk that was created by his team. The new account was meant to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account.  

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