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Is Twitter Changing the World Negatively?

Is Twitter Changing the World Negatively?

Monteiro, M. (2017, October 15). One person's history of Twitter, from beginning to end. Retrieved from

In this article, Monteiro laments about how Twitter is negatively changing the world with a gradual but a steady pace. The author notes that when Twitter was first created by a team of some web developers, no one could imagine that it would soon gain immense popularity. However, back in 2006, the social networking site seemed to be the second best thing that happened to mankind after the invention of Facebook. The platform was mainly used for interaction purposes, exchanging ideas, and sharing jokes. In fact, the author asserts that Twitter made him a better writer because of the 140-character limit. However, after Trump joined Twitter in March 2009, the social media platform began to change. Most of his random tweets were filled with anger, hatred, and sarcasm directed towards others, and Americans loved the drama. However, as Trump got more attention and recognition, he became bolder, more combative, and meaner in his tweets. Hence, what was once a place of fun and enjoyment now became a platform for spreading hatred, discrimination, and abuse. This article summarizes the thoughts of Monteiro about why he feels that Twitter has become a weapon of violence that endangers the life of many people.  

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