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Jack Dorsey Tweets About Banning Trump from Twitter

Jack Dorsey Tweets About Banning Trump from Twitter

Diaz, J. (2021, January 14). Twitter CEO tweets about banning Trump from site. News.

This article talks about how Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey addressed the banning of former President Donald Trump from his platform in a 13-tweet thread. The author notes that although Dorsey stated that banning Trump was the right decision, he also lamented that the move they took sets a precedent that he thinks is “dangerous to a free and open global internet. Dorsey mentioned that the internet should not be controlled by one individual and seemed to hail Bitcoin digital currency saying that its model would be used to help offer a free and open internet. He added that Bitcoin’s model demonstrates a foundational internet technology that is not controlled by any single individual or entity. Twitter CEO agrees that the ability “for companies to shutdown users’ accounts "will be destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of the open internet." According to Dorsey, banning users from social media goes against the ideals of an open internet. Critics of the Big Tech say that these platforms, especially Twitter and Facebook need more checks and balances.  

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