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Jeff Bezos Owned Platform, Twitch Temporarily Bans Trump

Jeff Bezos Owned Platform, Twitch Temporarily Bans Trump

Flood. B. (2020, June 29). Jeff Bezos’ Twitch temporarily bans Trump for ‘hateful conduct’. For News:  
According to the author of this article, Twitch (a streaming platform owned by Jeff Bezos) had temporarily banned President Donald Trump’s account because of the “hateful conduct” as seen from the footage of Trump’s speeches. Twitch spokesperson reports that the company does not allow hateful conduct and therefore they had to temporarily suspend Trump’s account. Twitch flagged Trump’s Trumps content when he criticized people crossing the border during the launch of his campaigns in 2015 and his comments during the Tulsa rally. The author of the article indicates that the company warned Trump in 2019 when he joined the platform that he should adhere to the company’s terms of service. The company allowed Trump’s campaign team to create an account for streaming rallies and other Trump-related activities. The author further quotes the spokesperson’s description of the community guidelines and hateful conduct rules. Reddit also banned r/The_Donald and other online communities affiliated to Donald Trump.  

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