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Kanye Loses Followers After Trump Retweeted His Tweet

Kanye Loses Followers After Trump Retweeted His Tweet

Brown, R. (2018, April 26). Twitter ‘inconsistency’ makes Kanye appear to lose millions of followers. Retrieved from

Brown’s article explains how a technical inconsistency on Twitter allegedly made Kanye West appear to have lost millions of followers after he tweeted about his love and support for Donald Trump on April 2018. Interestingly, shortly after Trump retweeted the post and thanked Kanye, his number of followers declined from about 28 million to 18.7 million. While there were speculations on whether the 9 million Twitter followers decided to unfollow him due to his close association with the president, the social media company was quick to clarify the issue. According to a Twitter spokesperson, the fluctuation was caused by a technical problem on the website and that it would soon be rectified. This article is important in understanding the relationship between leaders and their followers. Additionally, it suggests the tone and nature the of a leader’s tweet can have a substantial impact on how the reaction of the followers. If the social media company had not issued a clarifying statement, one could easily assume that the lost followers represented Trump’s critics on Twitter.

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