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Leaders Can Cement Their Dominance And Influence Over The Masses Using Social Media

Twitter Can Be Used By Social Media Leaders To Cement Their Dominance And Influence Over The Masses

Kazeniac, A. (2009, February 9). Social Networks: Facebook takes over top spot, Twitter climb. Retrieved from

Kazeniac’s article provides an outlook on the popularity of social media networks in the year 2009. The author reports that by 2009, the popularity of Facebook among the online community had surpassed that of MySpace in terms of monthly unique visitors. On the other hand, Twitter was also gaining popularity regarding its user activity and user base. The author reports that Twitter had risen to the third position after MySpace and Facebook in the Top 25 Social Networks list. This article suggests that user engagement level in the social media platform was seemingly impressive to enable Twitter to move from the 22nd position in 2008 to the third position in 2009. One valuable insight obtained from this article is that social media leaders can harness the massive popularity of Twitter to gain political leverage and a dominant online presence.  

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