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Lingo and Pulse Indicated How Trump Was Feeling Towards the Message in the Tweet

Donald Trump Combination of Lingo and Pulse Indicated How He Was Feeling Towards the Message in the Tweet

Mazza, E. (2018, August 23). Trump's Middle-Of-The-Night Twitter Rant Sparks Theories. Retrieved from

The article addresses another of Trump’s all-caps tweets. This one was different since it was sent early morning, his unusual tweeting hours. The tweet “NO COLLUSION – RIGGED WITCH HUNT!” was sent a few hours before the president’s interview with FoxNews regarding an anticipated taped interview that everyone was looking forward to hearing. The author believes that the president was angry or used an angry tone by tweeting in all-caps and exclamation an mark. His followers were also ready to respond, and they did so in funny replies, some stating he was scared on the tape and hence could sleep. The tweet was sent in an unusual hour, a reason why most people thought he was troubled by this occurrence. Such a tweet also shows the increased engagement he has with followers who liked, retweeted and replied.

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