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Lingo in Donald Trump's Tweets

Lingo in Donald Trump's Tweets

Johnson, T. (n.d.). President Trump Probably Won’t Watch the Oscars, Sean Spicer Says. Retrieved from

This article by ted Johnson relates to president trump on the topic of the 2017 Oscar awards. Unlike other previous presidents, president trump and his family did not take part in the organization in any way. The president, however, reacted to the event on twitter greatly criticizing it and as usual he exhibited his use of lingo. Of the four tweets in the article, three of them have lingo. The first two has the hashtag #OSCARS while the third has an exclamation point. The hashtag makes it easy for the readers to understand exactly what the tweet is about and is some sort of reference. The exclamation point “BORING!” on the third tweet is to express emotion like in other tweets. Both lingo enabled him to attract attention and drive his point home.

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