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Liz Cheney Ousted by Republicans

Liz Cheney Ousted by Republicans  

Zurcher, A. (2021, May 5). Liz Cheney -why being a Trump martyr could be good for her. BBC News.

The author states that Congresswoman Cheney’s time on the Republican leadership team could be coming to a ceremonious ending after she has openly been speaking ill of former president Trump. Cheney voted to impeach Trump on January 12th stating that the US capital riots that are purported to have been fueled by Trump were a betrayal of his oath in office. She has stated several times that Trump's elections fraud claims are false and condemned all the Republicans who worked to challenge Biden's victory. The Republican Party reached the limit of her tolerance and plans to oust her this May 2021. Congressman Steve Scalise who happens to be the second-ranking Republican in the House agreed that it was time for Republican's number 3, Liz Cheney to be ousted. The author adds that after the Capitol attack on January 6th, every time the Republicans appeared at a press conference the topic of Donald Trump would come up and only Cheney would comment. Other Republican leaders were uncomfortable with the topic and since they didn't agree with Cheney the only solution was to make her go away. Cheney knew very well what would befall her for standing against Trump and fell at the mercy of the Republicans, and that would depend on whether they would turn against Trump or not. The author mentions that, the loss of one is the gain of another and the lucky Republican is Elise Stefanik who has become Trump’s favorite recently since she has become Trump’s strongest defender.  

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