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Make America Number One Again

Make America Number One Again

Donald, T. (2011). Time to Get Tough: Making America# 1 Again.

According to Donald Trump in his book, it is time to restore American greatness. He feels that the Republicans have turned USA into an unprecedented mess and he offers a solution to this problem. In the book, Trump makes a case of why he is the best choice to make America #1 again. He presents himself as the most effective leader for America. Trump recounts what he has learned through his celebrity persona as the host of The Celebrity Apprentice. He also, addresses the time he was satirized by former president Obama and comedian Seth Meyers at the 2011 White House Correspondents Association dinner. He mentions that there are some countries that are taking advantage of the US and he says in regards to that matter, "it's time to get tough on China." Trump says that it’s time for the US to be serious on matters like oil, debt, and job creation. Another thing he addresses or gives recommendations for changes is domestic policy. Trump says that the U.S corporate tax should be abolished. He also mentions that the retirement age should be raised.  

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