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McDonald’s Corp Claims its official Twitter was Hacked

McDonald’s Corp Claims its official Twitter was Hacked and Used to Send an Errant Message to Trump

Baertlein, L. (2017, March 17). McDonald's deletes Trump tweet, says Twitter account compromised. Retrieved from

In this article, Baertlein reports that the McDonald’s Corp, a world-class corporate fast-food chain, claimed that its official Twitter account had been hacked and used to send an errant message to President Donald Trump. Notably, the firm was quick to delete the message from its Twitter timeline as soon it realized that its official account had been compromised. However, regardless of the company’s effort, the damning tweet addressed to Donald Trump had already been retweeted and shared widely. In fact, the tweet elicited a sensation on McDonald’s supporters who made jokes and comments about the deleted tweet. As one would expect, some of Trump supporters were outraged by the tweet and threatened to boycott the restaurant. Still, analysts insisted that the tweet could not cause significant damage to the corporations as long as Donald Trump doesn’t send a retaliating tweet at them directly. This incident illustrates how Trump’s social media voice could potentially influence his followers’ behaviors and actions in real life.  

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