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Meanest Tweets Posted By Trump

Meanest Tweets Posted By Trump

Hod, I. (2016, August 22). Donald Trump's meanest Tweets ... Before he ran for president. Retrieved from

This article summarizes some of the meanest tweets posted by Donald Trump when he was criticizing, attacking, and insulting the people he did not like. Arguably, one fact about Donald Trump is that he never fails to speak his mind. Perhaps, this is why many Americans like him in the first place. Besides, most of his supporters like the fact that he is always sincere with his thoughts no matter how offending they may be. Nonetheless, a good portion of people always felt that Trump’s tweeting language and style is offensive and does not reflect well on his political ambitions. In fact, many political analysts reported that Trump’s tweeting behavior would soon catalyze his downfall from politics. Fast forward to January 2017, Donald Trump is sworn into office after his triumphant victory in the US presidential election. This shows that Trump has power over Twitter, while at the same time; the social media platform has power over him. Trump’s popularity seems to stem out from his excessive Twitter activity. The more he posts ridiculous tweets, the more he gets attention and news coverage. Conversely, Donald Trump is a slave to Twitter since he needs the platform to sustain the attention he gets from people.

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