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More Social Platforms Block Trump

More Social Platforms Block Trump

Dwoskin, Elizabeth. "Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said the Trump ban reflected ‘a failure’ to police online discourse." The Washington Post. Last modified January 14, 2021.  

Before Twitter came to the decision of banning Donald Trump’s account, they had suspended him after the January 6th 2021 riot. Eventually, they wanted him to remove three tweets he made that day and then be suspended for 12 hours from Twitter. More platforms joined to block Donald Trump online interaction with his supporters citing incitement for further violence. For instance, Snapshot and Twitch blocked him completely. The same case happened with Amazon’s web services division that banned Parler, a social site full of Trump supporters. Shopify then shut down online stores that were tied to Donald Trump. Facebook banned him from posting on two of their platforms Facebook and Instagram. Google-owned YouTube banned his account for seven days. According to The Washington Post the actions taken by the tech companies demonstrates their ability to silence or significantly dampen speech of any anyone regardless of their position in the United States. As a result, questions have been raised about the power of the tech companies to control free speech. Is it cubbing free speech or it is a matter of public safety?  

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