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Most People Anticipate Hearing from Trump

Most People Anticipate Hearing from Trump

President Trump's Favorite Words - Everything After Z by (2017, December 14). Retrieved from

This article examines some of Donald Trump’s frequently used vocabulary, especially in the social media, since he became president of America. Trump’s behavior and manner of speaking have never failed to get the attention of many Americans, not because of his eloquence, but since he speaks whatever is on his mind, just like any other person would. Given that most people anticipate hearing from the president only when he is making official statements; it is not hard to see why Trump speaks just like everyone else. When Trump is not praising his supporters or talking about the economy of the country, he is probably busy attacking his political opponents using memes and sarcastic tweets. This article compiled a list of 21 words, a mix of both positives and negatives, which are frequently used by the president when addressing the public. Some of his favorite words include: ‘yuge’, ‘stupid’, ‘moron’, ‘loser’ and ‘covfefe.’

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