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New Communication Channel for Trump

New Communication Channel for Trump

Gray News staff. (2021, May 4). Trump PAC launches ‘communications platform’ amid social media ban.

This article addresses the launch of a new communication channel by Trump amid his ban by top social media platforms. The platform, From the Desk of Donald Trump is presumably being run by Trumps Save America leadership action committee the author says that Fox News reported the platform saying that it allows users to like Trumps messages, photos and videos and share them on social media. However, the platform is said to lack an option for visitors to post their own messages or reply/comment on Trumps messages. A source had informed Fox News that the platform is just one-way communication and only allows Trump to communicate with his followers. The author states that Trump’s advisers stated that he was going to move forward with a social media platform of his own, but Fox News was not sure if this was a part of that plan. The new platform was launched a day before Facebook Oversight Board gave its decision on Trump’s suspension on the platform.  

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