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Nobody Knows About Trump's Vlog?

Nobody Knows About Trump's Vlog?

Johnston, C. (2016, November 7). Why does nobody know about Trump's Vlog.

This article is a blog video discussing Donald Trump vlogs in terms of context. According to the author, in terms of context of Donald Trump’s vlog’s, he is mean to people. The video also shares clips from his vlogs before and after showing what he thought about things before and what he thinks now. For instance, the author shares a clip about Libya, the 405 highway, Obamacare, Obama, Oil, and Wind turbines. The author states that Trump is not consistent to one topic in his vlogs which makes it hard to get the context of his vlogs. Also, the author states that Trump attacks only his opponents and keeps begging Trump jokingly that he should not attack him. Another point that is raised from Trump’s vlogs is that Trump denies addressing certain topics down the line.  

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