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One billion Tweets In One Week

Twitter Records One Billion Tweets Within a Week In 2011

Twitter Inc. (2011, March 14). #numbers. Retrieved from

This blog post provides a comprehensive review of the growth and engagement levels experienced by Twitter since its foundation on March 21, 2006.  The Twitter fraternity notes that it took the company exactly three years, two months, and one day to register its first billionth tweet.  However, as of 2011, it only took Twitter users one week to send an average of billion messages on the digital platform. Additionally, the average number of tweets sent per day in 2011 was about 140 million. In terms of the number of accounts, Twitter celebrated a 182% sharp increase in mobile users from 2010 up to 2011. What is more, the user base of the social media platform had increased with over 572,000 new users as of March 12, 2011. This numerical analysis shows that the user base and popularity of Twitter have significantly increased over the years. Hence, this article suggests that Twitter rose to heights of fame within a very short period. In fact, Twitter might prove useful to many leaders who wish to engage directly with their followers.  


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