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Out of 2,300 Tweets by Trump, 417 Were About The Economy

Out of 2,300 Tweets by Trump, 417 Were About The Economy

Adams, K. & Soriano, A. (December 19, 2017. The economy as seen from Trump's Twitter     feed. Retrieved from    seen-trumps-Twitter-feed

This article analyzes President Trump’s tweets that touch on the economy thus showing how vocal he is when it comes matters to do with the environment in which business is being conducted. Since he was inaugurated, 2,300 tweets have been sent and out of those, 417 have talked about the economy, about 86 on job creation, 138 have mentioned taxes and tax reform, while 54 are on the stock market and him taking credit for the success. To better understand this, during his campaigns, President Donald Trump was vocal about the economy and it continued on his Inauguration Day, which did not just stop there as it is still be mentioned afterwards, “The economy was a key message during Donald Trump’s campaign, and on Inauguration Day.” It is regarded as a repetition, but his style of tweeting has had its impact on the followers that voted for him because he speaks his mind especially when speaking on the performance of the markets.

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