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Republicans Break with Trump for Refusing to Budge for a Peaceful Transition of Power

Republicans Break with Trump for Refusing to Budge for a peaceful Transition of Power

Fuchs, Hailey, Melina Delkic, and Chris Cameron. "Presidential Transition: As More Republicans Break with Trump, He Refuses to Budge." The New York Times - Breaking News, US News, World News and Videos. Last modified December 21, 2020.

By December 2020, a month after the elections, some republicans seemed to accept the outcomes and urged Donald Trump to allow for an orderly presidential transition. For a moment, it seemed like Donald Trump was ready to agree with them but shortly after reverted to sharing election fraud messages. His supporters still stand with him and embrace that there was a major election fraud. Donald Trump's former national security adviser urged the Republicans to acknowledge his defeat and a number of them have since seemed to disagree with Donald Trump's continued claim of election fraud.

Most of those who agree with the normal and peaceful transition, believe it is the best thing for the country. Donald Trump's former chief of staff John F. Kelly, said that "Mr. Biden should begin to receive intelligence briefings, and that a delayed transition was detrimental to the country’s national security."

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