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Republicans Desire to Tarnish James Comey’s Credibility

Republicans Desire to Tarnish James Comey’s Credibility

Lind, D. (April 13, 2018). Donald Trump tweets James Comey is an “untruthful slime ball.” Retrieved from

This article explores President Trump’s tweets that are directed at an attack on former FBI Director, James Comey. “The war on former FBI Director James Comey has begun.” President Trump insults Comey as he calls him a “slime ball.” The events of the tweets from Trump were well calculated as James Comey was set to release his book whereby President Trump has been characterized “as a pee-tape-obsessed fantasist whose expectations of loyalty were reminiscent of Mafia dons.” The article continues to showcase the Republicans desire to tarnish James Comey’s credibility because he was vocal during the investigations of the “Russian collusion and obstruction of justice.” Trump was using Twitter to make sure that he stays ahead of Comey as well as acts as a leader when charging others to support him through his opinion that Comey’s behavior was associated with being a “liar” and a “leaker.” Basically, Comey’s firing was as a result of there being reports that he leaked classified information, despite Trump asking him of his loyalty.

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