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Republicans Have the Three Arms of the Government Tweet

Republicans Have the Three Arms of the Government Tweet

Bernstein, J. (February 12, 2018). The truth in Donald Trump's tweets. Retrieved from

This article explores the truth in Donald Trump’s tweets. In a tweet where he said that the Republicans have the three arms of government, it seems that he botched things this time round, but he is not the only one to do so as al presidents do so once in a while. “He presumably means president, House and Senate.” Furthermore, rarely does Donald Trump demonstrate “any sort of real knowledge of the basic facts of U.S. government.” On the other hand, the article continues to outline how a series of disunity between the Democrats and Republicans led to the defeat of the Dream Act. Now, in the tweet sent by Trump regarding Obama not doing anything about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, he lied because it was Obama that introduced it in 2012. As the President, Trump got his facts wrong and thus making it difficult for any negotiation to take place without the disclosing of a position that one stands for.

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