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Ridiculous Trump Tweets

Ridiculous Trump Tweets

Rose, M. (2018, April 24). Ridiculous Trump tweets. Retrieved from

In this article, Rose criticizes President Donald Trump for his unpresidential behavior on Twitter. Rose argues that it Trump’s behavior on Twitter was sickening, especially given the fact that he is a sitting president. Instead of getting busy minding the affairs of the country like he was elected to do, Trump usually opts to spare some few hours, on a daily basis, to let Americans know what is on his head. Even though the social media is a place where people can turn to just to empty their thoughts without having to worry, it is not the right place for a president. Rose reckons that the president is a duly elected representative of the country. Therefore, when he embarrasses himself by acting like a ‘5-year-old on Twitter, always ranting and hurling insults at others, he is also embarrassing all Americans. This article showcases some sample tweets obtained from the president Twitter feed illustrating that his behavior on Twitter is completely unacceptable.

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