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Rise of Bots on The Social Media Platforms

Rise of Bots on Social Media Platforms

Fishkin, R. (2018, October 9). We analyzed every twitter account following Donald Trump: 61% are bots, spam, inactive, or propaganda. SparkToro. Retrieved from

In this article, Fishkin details a report of a study conducted to verify the actual amount of followers that Donald Trump had on Twitter as of October 2018. According to the author, the rate at which Donald Trump’s Twitter account acquired new followers after he became president had caught the interest of many people. Some people speculated that most of Trump’s followers on Twitter were bots and spam accounts. Therefore, in order to verify the real number of people following the president, research was conducted on a sample of 54.7 million followers of @realDonaldTrump’s account. The results found that the leader’s account had about 61% of fake followers. This fact suggested that the leader’s account could probably reach about 25 million actual followers directly, while other social media users broadcast his messages to reach a wider audience. This article is useful because it illustrates that the follower count on Twitter does not provide an accurate estimate of a leader’s online presence and audience reach.

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