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Should all Twitter Cases be Handled in California?

Should all Twitter Cases be Handled in California?

Anderson, C. (2021 Oct, 27). Florida judge sends Trump suit against Twitter to California, KSAT:
According to the author, Robert Scola (a US District Judge in Miami) order former president’s lawsuit to be moved to California. In the case, Donald Trump is seeking a court order to have his Twitter account to be restored. The former president’s personal account was banned in January 8 2021. This decision was reached by Twitter after the January 6 incident where violent riots led to the attack on the US capital. The attackers were believed to be Donald Trump’s supporters. Thus, the ban was meant to prevent any further risks of incitement. It was argued that Donald Trump created the twitter account as a private citizen. The terms of agreement indicates that all cases involving Twitter are supposed to be handled within California. Therefore, whoever agrees to the terms of use agrees with this clause as well. The author further reports that Trump’s case against YouTube has also been transferred to California. However, his case against Facebook is the only one remaining in Miami.  

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