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Should Trump's Tweets as President be Archived?

Should Trump's Tweets as President be Archived?

Treisman, R. (2019 Oct 25). As President Trump Tweets And Deletes, The Historical Record Takes Shape. NPR:  
According to the author of this article, presidential communication is an important aspect that should be kept for future references. Examples are given of other presidents such as JF Kennedy who used television. Therefore, the modern Technology has provided tools such as Twitter which are used by leaders to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Twitter has a few daily users as compared to other platforms such as Facebook. However, its significance lies the types of its users and the purpose for use. After 1978, the presidential records have always been kept safely. In 2014, President Barack Obama was the first US president to have his tweets archived. Regardless of the reluctance from the presidents to share such records to the public, the increasing need for public scrutiny will change the trend. The most recent “COVFEFE Act” introduced the new way of archiving the records including the social media activities. This move is aimed at storing data using the modern technology.

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