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Snapchat Locks Donald Trump's Account

Snapchat Locks Donald Trump's Account

Shu C. (2021 Jan &). Snapchat locks President Donald Trump’s account. Tech Crunch:  
The author reports that Donald Trump’s Snapchat account was locked following the riots that was believed to be led by the pro-trump supporters. The rioters stormed the US capital leaving many nursing injuries. This article also indicates that this is not the first time Snapchat has taken action against Donald Trump’s account. In June 2020, Snapchat raised concerns over Donald Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. As a result, Snapchat had to limit Trump’s content and it could no longer be promoted under the Discover tab. The content could only be visible to Snapchat users who could subscribe or search for it. The CEO of Snapchat insisted that the company cannot promote content from accounts that incite racial violence. Snapchat is striving to make it harder for such information to be shared on the platform. Twitter and Facebook also banned Donald Trump’s accounts citing similar reasons. Some views from the public indicates that people wish the ban to be permanent.  

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