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Social Media Rise Made the Society More Interconnected

Social Media Rise Made the Society More Interconnected

Annika, L. (2015). Donald Trump’s Twitter and his influence on the media: A study of how political social media accounts impact press coverage. Retrieved from

At the introduction of the paper, Annika explains how social media’s rise has made the society more interconnected and complex. Annika provides background information on twitter mentioning that it was founded in San Francisco in 2006 and that it is currently rated as the third most popular social media platform in United States. This makes the paper both informative and educative. The author is keen on understanding the relations between social media, politics, and journalism better and mentions that further studies need to be conducted to identify how social media affects journalism. Donald Trump was perfect for the study and the author used specific terms to find information about him on twitter and newspapers. The conclusion of the study based on the research findings is that newspaper coverage was mostly impacted by Donald Trump’s twitter account; his tweets and retweets. 70% of the news coverage was on Trump’s tweets and the Access Hollywood scandal.

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