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Stefanik Expected to Rise Higher with Trump’s Supports

Stefanik Expected to Rise Higher with Trump’s Supports

Borter, S. C. (2021, May 11). Loyalty to Trump catapults Elise Stefanik into republican stardom. Reuters.

Trump's impeachment trial in 2019, was U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik's first turn in the national limelight. She strongly defended Trump and he in response stated that a star has been born. Stefanik is expected to rise higher now that Trump is supporting her for election as number 3 Republican in the House of Representatives in place of Liz Cheney. Stefanik is reported to have first been elected in a moderate platform in 2014 and avoided to mention Trump's name publicly during the 2016 campaign season. However, her change and strong support for Trump in 2019 won her favor among Republican party leaders like Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise who along with Trump endorsed her. Also, people from her rural area showed their support for her after that. She is among the 147 Republicans who voted to try and block the certification of Biden’s election win in January. The 36-year-old House Rep. was the youngest woman to be elected to Congress after her first win in her District. Michael Steel who worked with her on Ryan campaign said that she grew more conservative along with her district and says there is no clash between her previous reputation as a moderate Republican and her current strong support for Trump.

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