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Susan Wright Being Backed by Trump to Fill Vacant House of Representatives Seat

Susan Wright Being Backed by Trump to Fill Vacant House of Representatives Seat

Cornwell, S. (2021, May 2). Two Republicans, one backed by Trump, head to runoff in Texas special congressional election. Reuters. candidate-heads-runoff-texas-special-congressional-election-2021-05-02/

The author states that a Texas Republican, Susan Wright being backed by Trump has advanced to runoff elections to fill a vacant U.S House of Representatives seat left by her husband who died of Covid-19. Susan Wright is now a top vote-getter amid a highly crowded field of 23 candidates vying to represent the 6th Congressional District. Democrats were hoping to pick up the seat but on Saturday 1st may 2021, they lost their chance. Susan Wright received 19.2% of the vote, followed by former military fighter pilot Jake Ellzey, another Republican, who drew 13.8%. A democrat by the name Lynne Sanchez said that Democrats have come a long way toward competing in Texas and has a long way to go. After her win, Trump sent a congratulatory message “Susan surged after I gave her an endorsement last week.” Since there was no one who received a majority vote despite the big win by Wright, a runoff will be down. The elections were crucial for both the Democrats and Republicans since Trump beat Biden in Texas. It was a test to see if Republicans still had a hold of the city and for the Democrats a test to see if they can take over the Republican House seat. Trump’s endorsement for Wright came in handy and is set to give her the big win she needs.


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