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The 2020 Trump-Biden Matchup by Pew Research

The 2020 Trump-Biden Matchup by Pew Research

Pew Research Center. (2020, August 13). The 2020 Trump-Biden matchup. Pew Research Center - U.S. Politics & Policy.

According to Pew Research study, Biden enjoys more support among women, black, Hispanic, and Asian American voters whereas Trump gets his support among older and less-educated voters. According to the study, the divisions were evident in the 2020 summer and four years ago as well. Although support from the following groups is very clear, the strength in support is striking. For instance, while 54% of whites support Trump, 38% of this population support him strongly. Biden receives 45% of white support but only 22% back him strongly. However, 89% of black voters support Biden and 45% of black voters support him strongly. The study states that most of Trump’s supporters (54%) are those with high school diploma or less. On the other hand, 68% of voters with a postgraduate degree support Biden and 38% say they support him strongly. The study goes further to state that the education divide is even wider as 64% of white voters without a degree support Trump and 47% of them support him strongly. For those who voted Trump in back in 2016, they are largely sticking to their party as 94% said that they will vote for Trump in 2020 with only 5% saying they will be supporting Biden. And the same happened among 2016 Clinton voters as 96% said they will vote Biden in 2020 with only 4% saying they will support Biden. The study states that the 2020 elections predictions showed that voters were divided on who they thought would become president in 2020. Among the voters, 50% thought Trump would win and 48% felt that Biden would win. Trump voters were identified as more confident of election victory compared to Biden supporters, which is different compared to 2016 statistics where only 42% of voters thought Trump would win. In the 2020 elections, there was more confidence of a Trump win among his supporters compared to 2016 were most voters expected Clinton to win.  

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