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The Idea Behind Donald Trump Social Media Persona

The Idea Behind Donald Trump Social Media Persona

Keohane, J. (2009, May 4). The Cry-Bully The sad mind and evil media genius behind @realDonaldTrump. Retrieved from  

The article examines the evil genius and sad mind of President Donald Trump. The article begins with the background history of how the world got to know who Donald Trump really is from his twitter handle on May 12th and quotes his wording; “My persona will never be that of a Wallflower-I’d rather build walls than cling to them.” The author further puts emphasizes on the fact that not only did Trump describe his persona on social media but he also signed to confirm that he is the source of the information. The author says he explore more than 13,000 of Donald Trump’s tweets to find out who he really is and also spent three full days in his company. The conclusion of the author is that Trump is a celebrity with a public personality that was formed for several years before he became popular. The author’s conclusion is that joining politics brought out a new side of Donald Trump.

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