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The Man Behind the President’s Tweets

The Man Behind the President’s Tweets

Drapper, R. (April 18, 2018). The man behind the President’s tweets. Retrieved from

This article explores the single person who is obligated to head the social media job in the White House, Dan Scavino, but as a director; he’s consistently portrayed Donald Trump’s Twitter feed as unpresidential. There was a number of seven individuals that sued President Trump for blocking them on twitter after they tweeted negative comments and they included a comedian, freelance journalist, and a police officer just to mention a few. The article states that, “ranging from a freelance journalist to a New York comedian to a Texas police officer — who had sent negative replies to an @realDonaldTrump tweet and were subsequently blocked by the president.” Scavino is an individual with much value to Donald Trump because he keeps his social media activities gain momentum because within the White House, he is described to be “the conductor of the Trump Train.” Scavino is a friend of Trump and that is the reason behind his rise in managing and directing Trumps social media platforms.

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