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The Most Effective Presidential Candidate on Twitter

The Most Effective Presidential Candidate on Twitter

Lufkens, M. (August 2, 2016). Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump: who's winning on Twitter? Retrieved from

This article explores on the most effective candidate on Twitter during the presidential campaign because both of them were using the social media network to express their opinions with the aim of reaching out to their supporters. Basically, it was a period during which candidates needed to gain public coverage because apart from television and the newspapers, social media was no exception. “Both candidates are fighting it out on every medium from newspapers to television – and social media is no exception.” Donald Trump specifically as described in the article was ahead of Hillary Clinton because his followers and engagement strategies has surpassed those of Clinton’s. It follows that after the primaries were held, both candidates started witnessing a sharp increase in the number of their Twitter followers, but it is Trump who was receiving the best of it. However, the most effective candidate is Donald Trump, “In terms of efficacy, Donald Trump would seem to outperform Hillary Clinton, since his tweets have been retweeted a total of 12 million times – twice as many as Clinton’s, which have been retweeted 5.5 million times.”

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