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The Power of Twitter in Identifying The Social Trends

The Power of Twitter in Identifying The Social Trends

Alexandre, B., Flaviano, M., Hernan, A. (2017). Validation of twitter trends with national polling aggregates: Hillary Clinton vs Donald Trump.  

The paper investigates the social networked formed by the interaction of twitter users on the candidates of the United States presidential election in 2016. The paper also explores the power of twitter in identifying the social trends of brands to political movements, elections, and to some extent the cost of national polls. The team collected the data from the tweets sent using the Twitter Search API from 2016, June 1st to 2016, November 8th. The used a data of 171 million tweets that mention Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The research was based on extensive data which makes its findings both realistic and reliable. The findings of the study indicate that the opinions shared on twitter are in good agreement with the opinions in the NYT National Polling average and that the majority of the tweets are in support of Hillary Clinton. The findings also indicate that twitter can be used to identify possible warnings of surprises on the election date.

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