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The Significance of Social Media Platforms During Trump's Tenure

The Significance of Social Media Platforms During Trump's Tenure

Canales K. (2021, Oct 20) Trump is barred from Facebook and Twitter, but experts say he ‘absolutely’ wouldn’t need them to run for president again. Business Insider Africa.  

The author of this article highlights the significance of the social media platforms during Donald Trump’s tenure as the president of the United States of America. Facebook and Twitter have been called megaphones since they were instrumental in Trumps campaign and administration. Donald Trump’s personal account gained a huge following because of the types of tweets that were mostly tackling matters of national interest. However, experts indicate that Donald Trump does not need these platform to win the presidential elections. They argued that he (Trump) has already gained popularity across the masses and his followers constitute a majority of the voters in the United States of America. It is also believed that Donald Trump could use these social media bans as a campaign tool when he runs for presidency in 2024. Experts believe that there is no full control of removing Donald Trump from social media since platforms such as Facebook have allowed pro-Trump groups and ads to share their views and opinions.  

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