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The Use of Machine Learning In Detecting Tweets

The Use of Machine Learning In Detecting Tweets (2017). How Machine Learning Predicts Who Wrote The Tweets – Did Trump Tweet It? Retrieved from

This blog post provides several ways of predicting whether tweets posted under Trump’s Twitter account are actually from the president himself or one of his staffers. Because Trump prefers to address the nation on official matters using his personal Twitter account, he often shares his account with his staff. This implies that the president does not always post all his messages on Twitter. For instance, during the election period, Trump liked to tweet from an Android phone, while his staffer tweeted from an iPhone. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the tweets which came from an Android phone were most likely sent by Trump himself. Another way to discern Trump’s Twitter posts is by checking style characteristics since different people have their unique ways of texting. For instance, most of Donald Trump’s tweets are always plagued with grammatical mistakes and consists of plain text. This blog post is very significant in understanding Trump’s tweeting habits.  

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