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Times Trump Told Obama Not to Bomb Syria

Times Trump Told Obama Not to Bomb Syria

Hofman, A. (2017, April 7). 18 times Trump said the U.S. shouldn't bomb Syria. Retrieved from

This article provides a summary of Donald Trump’s tweets that touched on the subject of US bombing attacks on Syria before he became the president of the country. Reporting for the Time magazine, Hofman notes that Donald Trump posted a series of 18 tweets between 2013 and 2014, which weighed in on international affairs concerning Syria. The author notes that Trump’s position then was that the United States should avoid bombing Syria, but if it had to, then the attack should be discreet. In most of his tweets, Trump heavily criticized President Obama for opting to take military action against Syria. According to Trump, attacking Syria would not benefit the US in any way. However, nearly three months after being sworn into office, Trump posted a tweet in which he sought congressional approval before taking any military action against Syria. This article exposes the hypocrisy of political leaders who, in many instances, appear to preach water but would rather drink wine themselves.

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