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Tools for Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Tools for Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Baccianella, S., Esuli, A., & Sebastiani, F. (2010, May). Sentiwordnet 3.0: an enhanced lexical resource for sentiment analysis and opinion mining. In Lrec (Vol. 10, No. 2010, pp. 2200-2204).

The authors of this article presented a tool called SENTIWORDNET 3.0. It is a lexical resource used for supporting opinion mining and sentiment classification applications. SENTIWORDNET 3.0 is an improvement from the previous version SENTIWORDNET 1.0. The tool is publicly available for researchers. The researchers further reported that SENTIWORDNET 3.0 is licensed in more 300 research groups around the world. Several research publications have used SENTIWORDNET 3.0 as the essential tool in the analysis of sentiment. The two versions of this tool are a product of automatic annotation of all WORDNET synset based on their degree of positivity, negativity and neutrality. The key differences between SENTIWORDNET 1.0 and SENTIWORDNET 3.0 include the versions of WORDNET that they annotate and the algorithm used for automatic annotation. The analysis of the differences between the two versions of SENTIWORDNET indicate that there is a 20% improvement between SENTIWORDNET 1.0 and SENTIWORDNET 3.0.  

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